Quality Exterior Vinyl Siding in Cincinnati, OH

You can trust our siding
When it comes to exterior siding, you need a product that you can trust to stand up to the elements--as well as something that will continue looking good over time. Superior Products in Cincinnati, OH offers only the best products in the industry so that you can feel good about what you are putting on your home or business.

Vinyl siding

Looking for durability that spans the generations? You’ve come to the right place. We offer the best vinyl siding options in Cincinnati.

Charter Oak® is one of Superiors choice siding products, combining authentic wood beauty with unmatched durability, performance and maintenance freedom.

TriBeam® Design gives Charter Oak superior rigidity, while a double-thick nail hem enables it to withstand high winds. Charter Oak has been independently tested to resist Category 5 hurricane-force winds.

The Charter Oak family of products are available in 14 of today’s most popular colors, plus 11 deeper, richer colors from our exclusive Architectural Color Collection.
An example of exterior vinyl siding in Cincinnati, OH

Maintenance free

Our siding is built to last. With our siding installations you can be sure of the following:
  • It will never fade or chalk  
  • 17 ft. panels mean fewer seams  
  • It will add insulation to your home  
  • It will maintain your home's appearance 
Contact us today in Cincinnati for quality exterior siding and more!
Aluminium exterior siding in Cincinnati, OH

Quality Product

Our Cincinnati office can help you choose from a wide variety of exterior siding products. Superior Products specializes in making sure the customer gets exactly what they want--at a price they can afford.
  • Form fitting   
  • Energy saving (up to +4 "R" value)  
  • 300% more impact resistant  
  • Insect resistant  
  • Increased noise reduction  
  • Will not trap moisture in walls  
  • Mold preventative‚Äč
Various exterior siding options for homes in Cincinnati, OH
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