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Gutter systems in Cincinnati, OH

Here is a brief guide to our Leaf Relief gutter systems in Cincinnati.

How much rainfall will Leaf Relief handle?

When Intertek Testing Services NA Ltd provided controlled testing conducted by an independent laboratory, this resulted in a certified flow rate for properly installed Leaf Relief that came out to 301 inches of rain per hour for a clean roof surface 20 ft above the gutter. Such a drainage rate is 25 times greater than the official rainfall world record (Kilauea, Hawaii – 12 inches in an hour).

What is the maximum roof pitch for which Leaf Relief will work properly?

We have yet to see limitations in correspondence to roof pitch.

Does Leaf Relief allow water to overflow my gutters?

Leaf Relief when properly installed keeps gutters from becoming clogged and overflowing due to the interior of the gutters or downspouts filling with leaves, twigs, needles and seeds.

Does Leaf Relief work with pine needles?

Yes. Leaf relief will keep everything out of your gutters including pine needles. Testing shows that pine needles have little effect on the flow of rainwater.

Do I need to clear leaves, twigs and debris from Leaf Relief?

As one of the most efficient gutter protection systems available today for residential applications, you will have to do minimal work to retain your system. In most cases, standard debris is lifted away with a gentle breeze. In the case of sheltered roof areas or overhangs on shallow pitched roofs, debris may collect where air cannot lift away debris.

Can I lean a ladder against gutters with Leaf Relief installed?

Tested and shown to be stronger than open gutters when properly installed, Leaf Relief can hold up against most ladders. Please note that the thickness of the gutter is very important with regard to the resistance of the ladder. We highly recommend that customers check with the manufacturer of their gutter systems before using a ladder.

Does Leaf Relief cause ice damming on my roof in the winter?

No. Leaf Relief provides you with several winter weather advantages over competitive open gutters and competitor leaf removal systems including:
  1. Less weight build-up in gutters  
  2. Faster de-icing and resumed flow when the temperature gets above freezing  
  3. For most slopes, ice and snow slide over Leaf Relief and off roofs easier than open gutters  
  4. Unlike many competitive products, the installation of Leaf Relief does not interfere with the roofing materials and therefore no opportunity for water, snow or ice to cause damage by leaking through your ceilings exists
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